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Tasnim saffron tries to distance itself from the old ideas and provide better quality saffron to its customers after conducting scientific experiments in new formats and at an affordable and reasonable price.
Also, the high variety of Tasnim saffron products provides the possibility of a more favorable choice according to the wishes of consumers.

Until a few years ago, Sargol saffron was known as the highest quality saffron; But today, with the advancement of saffron grading process and sieving techniques, Nagin saffron is obtained with higher quality and higher coloring power than Sargol saffron. The difference in the appearance of Nagin and Sargol saffron is in the length of the threads, their thickness and color.

In Iran, saffron is mostly known in three forms: Pushal saffron, which is the cheapest type of saffron and comes with impurities, Sargol saffron (or the first class and premium grade) which has better quality and higher price; And Nagin saffron or the cut thread which is superior to other types of saffron in terms of quantity and quality and has a higher price.

Yes With the official and valid badges of business and production, the permanent presence of Tasnim brand technical supporters in the purchase department, as well as durable packaging and custom shipping, saffron will reach our dear customers without worry and completely healthy.

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